Collaborative Design Workshops

Co-design solutions to your most important challenges. Make better decisions, faster.

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Individual Coaching

Create greater impact, with more ease and purpose.

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Team Coaching and Retreats

Align on strategy. Review progress and adjust. Perform better, together.

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Resilience and Mindfulness Trainings

Increase presence and well-being. Create more balance in your life.

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Collaborative Design Workshops

What if you could gather together all stakeholders and align on a solution in days rather than months?
What if you left with an agreed upon plan and clear accountability?
What if you applied this collaborative way of working as you implemented the plan?

This accelerated approach produces better outcomes when you need to:

  • Define visions that inspire action
  • Create strategies that guide operations
  • Improve performance by redesigning processes
  • Accelerate project start-up and implementation
  • Nurture collaboration that ensures smoother change

We custom create each design workshop. Together, we define clear objectives and pinpoint the change you seek. A powerful yet simple process taps your group genius to address complex issues.

“You facilitated one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. The mix of movement, large and small group discussion, as well as feedback on the ideas worked really well!” – Executive Director, Social Enterprise

Individual Coaching

You might be facing a challenging situation in which you feel stuck. Or you might have a vision but are uncertain about how to bring it into reality.
Our coaching approach helps you resolve your current issue, while also getting to the root of on-going difficulties. As a result, you can shift old patterns and experience more agency as you employ new competencies and ways of being.

We begin by defining inspiring goals that provide direction and focus for each coaching conversation and the coaching engagement as a whole. Between sessions, you take up customized “micro-practices” to build new habits and make progress towards your goals. Some of these “micro-practices” are informed by mindfulness and embodied leadership methods proven to reduce reactivity and enhance resourcefulness.

Example outcomes reported by past clients include:

  • More effective leadership style
  • Higher performance
  • Successful transition into a new role
  • More effective relationships with key stakeholders
  • More satisfaction and ease in life overall

Whether you are an executive, team leader, or individual contributor, you can benefit from being more present and intentional about what matters to you most.

Contact me to schedule a free introductory individual coaching session or to learn more about launching a coaching circle at your organization.

“Coaching helped me quickly build trust with my new team and make tough decisions to reset our focus.” – VP, Business Unit Leader

Team Coaching and Retreats

Disruption is a constant. We are all buffeted by unceasing demands and self-generated activity. At Change Agency, we help create a pause in action. This allows teams to think strategically, celebrate progress, adjust direction, reconnect with their shared purpose, and practice new ways to engage with each other.

We work with you to custom design team retreats that:

  • Define strategy
  • Check progress and continued relevance
  • Evaluate quality
  • Build team capabilities, such as feedback and problem-solving skills
  • Remove barriers and continue to co-evolve solutions

“Thank you for being masterful in leading us through the past two days. It was an incredible effort and really appreciated by all of us. What the Board got out of this year's retreat was dramatically increased by the skills of your team. As our Executive Director likes to say, "You killed it." – Attorney and Board Member

Resilience and Mindfulness Trainings

What if you could perform better and feel happier—more consistently—in all areas of your life? What if you could bring more ease and presence to your relationships? What if you could choose well-being—no matter what challenges you faced?

Resilience and mindfulness trainings offer the opportunity for a new way of being, even with old circumstances.

Each training is custom-designed and skillfully supported by facilitators who have deeply embodied the practices and principles themselves. Through this program, you will increase your ability to:

  • Interrupt negative, habitual reactions and bridge quickly to a more positive mindset
  • Engage in mindfulness micro-practices you can do anytime, anywhere
  • Respond to stressful situations from a more grounded and resourced state
  • Deepen your relationships by staying more present
  • Access more aliveness and energy

The trainings are delivered in a virtual format that includes teaching, simple mindfulness exercises, discussion, and one-on-one coaching. No previous experience is required; only a willingness to take care of yourself and move towards well-being.

Click here to learn more about the program currently offered.

“The Importance of Mindfulness in the Workplace"

Sponsored by Capgemini North America Corporate Responsibility.

Mindfulness in the workplace helps us recharge our creativity and strengthen relationships.
In this episode, Krystianne Avedian and Sheila McAnanly take us through how mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase focus.
This is especially beneficial for women working from home during the pandemic.
The episode is brought to you by Capgemini Women LEAD Employee Resource Group.