About Us

Change Agency, Inc. is a small coaching and consulting firm that helps individuals and teams to change with purpose and thrive.

About Sheila McAnanly

Sheila McAnanly supports leaders and teams charged with mission-critical initiatives to grow and excel. She has worked as an executive coach, facilitator, change agent and communicator with more than 25 Fortune 100 companies. These represent a broad range of industries, including life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, energy, and technology.

For almost a decade, Sheila has coached leaders and teams using a customized integral approach that resolves the issue at hand and results in deeper and lasting growth. She has worked with clients to develop more effective leadership styles, resolve interpersonal conflicts, improve performance, and successfully transition into new roles. She draws on her two decades of training in mindfulness and embodied leadership practices to enable clients to be less reactive and more resourceful with the challenges they face and in life overall.

Sheila has facilitated hundreds of sessions enabling more than 5,000 leaders, from managers to C-suite executives, to work more collaboratively and strategically on high-stakes initiatives, such as strategy development and business transformation. Previously, she led Capgemini’s applied design thinking venture in the Midwest Accelerated Services Environment (ASE) and then moved to KPMG to help launch their North American Innovation and Acceleration Center. She continues to act as an adjunct resource for Capgemini and collaborates with the firm’s engagement teams to serve global clients.

Sheila earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and a Master of Science in Organization Development, with a concentration in organizational creativity, from Loyola University Chicago. She is certified as an Integral Coach from New Ventures West and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Her own ongoing professional development includes enrollment in Aletheia’s Advanced Coaching Program; membership in author and systems thinker Margaret Wheatley’s Advanced Leadership Training; and participation in a 10-month study group on healing racial trauma guided by Resmaa Menakem’s book “My Grandmother’s Hands.”

Sheila’s personal integrity, dry humor, and keen insights make her a valuable resource for leaders and teams that want to experience greater creativity, impact, and meaning in all they do.

My Manifesto

  1. I believe that all human beings want to contribute, learn, and belong.
  2. I believe that all human beings are whole and complete. Development is the process of realizing that truth and skillfully dissolving obstacles that try to convince us otherwise.
  3. I believe that our worth is not tied to what we produce. Yet production that expresses our creativity, generosity, and kindness is worthwhile.
  4. I believe that we have the power to design our lives to meet the needs of the world around us and to fulfill our longing for purpose and meaning.
  5. I believe that our mind, heart, and body are integral and reliable sources of intelligence.
  6. I believe that cultivating greater presence deepens our capacity to think clearly, relate peacefully, and act wisely.
  7. I believe that good company makes our journey easier and more joyful.